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  • Are Zurn Pex Fittings Breaking Down?

    Are Zurn Pex Fittings Breaking Down?

    A contractor who has done some work for me stopped into my office yesterday.  He mentioned that a friend of his was able to buy up a number of Zurn Pex fittings because they are defective.  According to his information, the fittings contain too much Zinc and are prematurely breaking down.  I suppose any time…

  • Fire Safety for Kids

    Fire Safety for Kids

    A fire can happen to anyone. We all think that it isn’t possible that we will be a victim, but it could happen to you.  There are many types of fires and many causes.  Faulty wiring, a faulty product, a space heater left on, or… kids. Just the other day there was a fire in…

  • Construction Art?

    Construction Art?

    My brother-in-law is an artistic type who happens to be a lawyer. He has a unique eye and I don’t always agree. We were viewing some project photos and he picked a couple out as pictures for framing. I didn’t consider them anything but a picture to record the state of things prior to renovation.…

  • Lancaster NY Assessments Through the Roof!

    The Lancaster, NY assessment his in 2010 is huge for many. The increases are staggering in many cases and will force us to push for change in the Lancaster NY government.

  • Coupon Code

    I receive these postcards every month or so from The last is a 7% off coupon code for Overstock. The code is 141584. Good luck.

  • Home Depot Coupon Code – Quick!

    I received an email regarding this online only coupon code at Home Depot ( The code is generic and I am assuming it can be used by anyone. Give it a shot. HURRY. This expires at midnight tonight 5/4/2009. Coupon Code: SAVETEN