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GE Windmills – Augmented Reality

Whoever it was the created this demonstration for GE’s SmartGrid project had some creativity. This is one of the coolest demonstrations of recognition (Facial recognition applied to an object). You must watch the video below.

You can do this yourself. It is a very cool party type demo. All that is needed is a web cam. Turn up the speakers since there is audio. In fact, blow into your microphone to create artificial wind. You will see the windmills really start to spin.


Home Depot Coupon Code

I guess it is that time of year. Fall coupons!

Home depot online coupon code FALLSAVE1

I would be that the cratering economy and locked consumer pocketbooks will bring many more discounts and coupons. Holy cow, are we in for a rough couple of years. Wait a minute, I sound like the doom and gloom media. There is no question, that our economy is facing a rough patch. These things happen. However, you need to sit back and ask yourself if your situation has changed. I am sure any equity based account you have is way down, but if your earnings are stable and your job is solid, then you are in the cat birds seat.

There is no better time to be a buyer!

Take advantage of all of the discounts and coupons to come. In fact, if you have ever considered getting into real estate by buying a rental property or an alternative investment, the next year will be the time for you. There will be fewer and fewer buyers who qualify to purchase property. There are more and more properties hitting the market. This thing is going to feed on itself for a while.

Become a buyer! Take advantage of this down market to improve your own position. You aren’t being a vulture, you are helping to right the ship.


Ebay 10% off coupon

I shop for things on Ebay a lot. Not old used supplies, but brand new merchandise that I would normally buy in the store. There are tons of home improvement items on Ebay and having a 10% off coupon wouldn’t hurt.

I don’t know how many times this can be used, but here is the coupon code and use details:
Here’s how to redeem this offer:
1. Start shopping on eBay. Be sure the seller accepts PayPal.
2. Pay for your item with PayPal before the expiration date (October 30, 2008). Make sure the
email address on your eBay account is also on your PayPal account. Find out how.
3. Enter code: CFALLSAVINGS10P



Home Depot Coupon Code, $10 off

Just received a $10 off Home Depot code. It might just be an online offer. Take a look for yourself.

Home Depot $10 off $100 purchase coupon code: SAVINGS94

This coupon ends 7/28/2008.

home depot coupon


Ebay 10% off Coupon

I have never heard of Ebay offering up a coupon. After all, the goods being bought and sold are not theirs. This is a move that has to be designed to drum up new customers to the Paypal service. The coupon is good for 10% off and expires 6/30/2008. The value is up to $100 and the item must be paid for through Paypal.

10% off Ebay Coupon Code: CJUNE0810P

Have fun shopping!!


Google Street View Vehicle

After seeing the street view images on Google Maps, I am sure you are as curious as I am about the vehicle used to capture those pictures. It is an interesting looking contraption and it obviously draws a little extra attention to itself. In fact, it even drew the attention of the police in this photo.

Street view vehicle