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Are Zurn Pex Fittings Breaking Down?

A contractor who has done some work for me stopped into my office yesterday.  He mentioned that a friend of his was able to buy up a number of Zurn Pex fittings because they are defective.  According to his information, the fittings contain too much Zinc and are prematurely breaking down.  I suppose any time a plumbing fitting breaks down would be premature.  This contractor must have felt the need to let me know about this since he re-plumbed 2 baths and 2 kitchens in a double of mine and I’ll let you guess what he used.  Heck, I use the same stuff.

Apparently, there is a class action lawsuit against the company, Zurn, but they continue to sell product.   This could be a bunch of BS, but I will probably switch to the plastic fittings anyway. In fact, I purchased some bulk elbows for my last Pex plumbing project.  Over the last six years, Zurn has reportedly sold more than 140 million of their brass PEX fittings.

Zurn Pex plumbing fitting breaking down

Now, a class action suit is very often useless. The only people who collect are the attorneys.  The system is a bit rigged.  A judge imposes the settlement amount on the company and determines how much the attorneys receive.  Guess what that judge used to be?  You guessed it, an attorney.   I don’t necessarily recommend joining the class action, but it will be in your best interest to stay informed.

Here is some information that was found on a forum (TerryLove.com)

Zurn may well get into serious financial damage on this one, as the potential for enormous property damage is so high.
Here is a link to an article in Blaze news.

Here is the Larson King website.

Here is a link to layers and settlements.com

Here is an article in the Bismarck Tribune about problems there.

Here is an informational website.

If you are in the same boat as I am on this one, I would recommend that you pay close attention to your own fittings (assuming they are visible).  If they show the signs of dezincification, you should consider replacement.





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