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DIY Concrete Countertop Guide – The Easy Way

The following is a guide to create your own concrete countertop.  The nice part about this tutorial is that you don’t need to order expensive product and build your own form.  This is an additive process that is often referred to as “faux crete” since it is a cement top layer and not a counter that is complete concrete.  The process allows you to essentially build your counter with a wood frame along with some plywood and cement board. Once that portion is built, you can layer on a cement based product called “Feather Finish” from Ardex.  When I needed a bag of this product for a project that I had, my local flooring installation supply store had it in stock and it was reasonably priced at around $12/bag.  I used this product to skim coat / encapsulate a floor adhesive in the past. It is a fantastic product to use.


This tutorial comes from Sarah’s Big Idea and is described well with plenty of photos along the way. Each step of the project is very logical and the final steps give you the opportunity to bring in some customization with finishes and texture.  The terrific part is that you could experiment, decide you don’t like it, and then simply add another layer to cover the prior.  When building a “true” concrete countertop, the material is expensive and your form work results in a lot of wasted material.  Let’s not even talk about what you would be  faced with should you make a mistake when measuring/reversing your form (trust me, I mean my brother, it happens!).


If you are looking to build some custom concrete countertops on your own, take a look at this how to.  Good luck.


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Hall closet conversion to an entry bench with storage

entryway closet makeover

If you have a traditional “new build”, you probably have a standard entryway closet.  If that is the case, it is about 4-5 feet wide on the inside with a single door (likely a 32″ or 36″ door).   The following is a free project plan/demonstration that shows the steps to take to turn your regular old closet with a single door into an attractive storage space with cubbies and a boot bench.

Best of luck with your closet conversion project.

Free Plans Convert a Hall Closet to a beautiful entry space.

How To's Interior Projects

Window Seat With Hidden Storage…

This is a simple plan for a DIY window seat.  If you have your own bay window and space is being wasted, you MUST build this window seat in your bay.

This builder used applied MDF panels to create depth and a nice design.  You could do the same, or if you are shorter on material, you could do a simple applied molding.  To be honest, if you have the MDF it will be cheaper, faster, and easier.

window seat plans with storage


Free Plan: DIY: Window Seat With Hidden Storage

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A small change can make a big difference in a room.  With many of the cookie cutter 4 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom homes that have been built over the past 15-20 years, one appears to be just like the next.  If you are looking to set your home apart things like crown molding and chair rails won’t cut it anymore.

A classic look such as a cofferred ceiling, or other designs are taking it to the next step and helping a home to stand out.

One thing to keep in mind with this design change.  If your ceiling height is below 8′, this might not be the best idea.  Even a couple of inches can make a room feel much smaller.  If the room started out small (12’x12′ or less) this will make it feel much more cozy.  If the room is large, and the ceiling height is only 8′, this will make the room feel small (especially if you are going with a dark stain).

wood ceiling plans

Free Plans: Small-Town Idaho Life: MASTER BEDROOM WOOD CEILING {DIY}.

Interior Projects

Build Your Own Home Bar – DIY

This DIY home bar is a cool design.  This isn’t a super detailed plan with a measured drawing, but this home bar is laid out with enough photos that most handy folks should be able to figure it out.

I like the fact that this bar has two tiers, a nice overhang, and a clipped corner.  These are all hallmarks of thoughtful design when it comes to a large home bar.  If you are looking to enhance the professional look even further, you can purchase bar molding and brass foot rails from

Well done.

diy home bar

DIY Home Bar.

Before and After Photos Interior Projects

This DIY Board & Batten Will Make a World of Difference

If you have a boring entry, or really any room, you can add a ton of character by simply adding a board and batten wall panel detail.  It is not expensive, but it is a classic look that adds a lot of charm to a space.

Your situation might differ depending on your existing baseboard and/or casing, but the 2 examples below should help you to create your own paneled wall detail.  Here are a couple of before and after pictures.

Give this project a try.  You will be amazed at the difference in feel that a board and batten wall detail will provide in a space.

Version 1: (original post)

Before and after board and batten entry

Version 2 (a variation for 1 wall)

diy board and batten wall panels


Project Version 1:

Project Version 2: