Rigid Tools with Lifetime Warranty

Wow, lifetime service on a power tool!!

rigid tools

I just stumbled across this on the Home Depot site. Rigid Tools is offering a lifetime warranty (for the original owner of the tool). This warranty even covers batteries! I’ll say it again, you can even get new batteries. (a lifetime of free replacement batteries).

Rigid makes a very nice power tool and provides it at a fair price. The lifetime warranty on the tool will definitely sway me in my next purchase.


In addition to the 3-Year Limited Service Warranty currently included with RIDGID® Brand Hand Held Power Tools Stationary Power Tools, and Pneumatic Tools, purchasers of these products may elect for a limited time to receive a free Lifetime Service Agreement. To accept this Lifetime Service Agreement, you must register your product and submit proof of purchase as described below. The Lifetime Service Agreement provides the original owner of qualifying RIDGID® Brand tools a lifetime of free replacement batteries, free service and free replacement parts subject to the limitations set forth below.

The Lifetime Service Agreement is available free of charge, for a limited time on all RIDGID® Brand hand held power tools, stationary power tools and pneumatic tools, subject to the terms and conditions stated below. Customers have 90 days from date of purchase to register tools for the Lifetime Service Agreement.



To accept the RIDGID® Brand Lifetime Service Agreement, you must register your qualifying RIDGID® Brand Hand Held Power Tool, Stationary Power Tool or Pneumatic Tool within 90 days after purchase. For expedited handling, register by logging on to www.ridgid.com, click on “Support,” then “Product Registration,” and choose the appropriate product category to be led through the registration process. You may also register by US mail – simply complete a registration form found at point of purchase, then mail the card together with a copy of your store receipt and the original UPC from the package of the qualifying product to: RIDGID® Hand Held and Stationary Power Tool Technical Service, PO Box 1427, Anderson, SC 29622.

All registrations must be made under the name of an individual person. Within approximately 6-8 weeks after completion of the registration process, you will receive confirmation via email or US mail that will include your Lifetime Service Agreement Identification Number. Keep track of this number as you will need it in order to obtain service for your product under the Lifetime Service Agreement. A Lifetime Service Agreement card will be mailed to you; this will also include your Lifetime Service Agreement Identification Number.






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  1. Hector Perez

    Cant go wrong with your product especially with your warranty glad to see you added the radio with the ipod set up thats my next purchase

  2. Conrad

    I am really questioning Rigid Warranty process. When I bought the 24volt battery tools from Home Depot I thought if I had any problems with them I could just return them to the store and exchange the tool. Not so. I had a battery go bad on me and went to return it only to find out that I have to send it to the factory with the battery and charger (never told this when I bought it). Now, if I send the charger, knowing that it is not the problem, I would be out of commission for weeks. Since then I bought two more batteries only to find after heavy use they are not holding a full charge although they indicate it on the charger. Really wondering if the hassle of getting this tool repaired is worth it verse buying a whole new brand of tool. My Precipitating saw is now having issues holding on to the blade. Have a half a mind to take a trip to the factory. Any one else having problems related to Warranty?

    1. Administrator

      Even if there is a warranty, it seems that there are hoops to jump through to have an item covered.

      I had a battery go bad on me and went to return it only to find out that I have to send it to the factory with the battery and charger (never told this when I bought it)

      In fairness to the store, we have all made the mistake of not asking. This would probably be the procedure with most companies.

      The problem with your new batteries holding a charge is troubling.

  3. Dave C

    I bought a set of Ridgid Power Tools with lifetime Warranty in 2001. At that time I “registered” all the tools with Ridgid on their web site. Now, a battery is dead, so I called the local repair facility. I was told I need a registration number, and if I don’t have it just contact customer service. Customer service said if I don’t have that original thermal reciept (and it must be readable, or an 8 year old credit card statement, I do not have a warranty. I told them I “registered” them in 2001. They told me they started their current Warranty Registration in 2005, so anything done before that is just considered a purchase notification, not a registration. Bottom line is Ridgid has cheated me out of the lifetime warranty on the first claim I had. I have bought many other Ridgid tools since 2001, but I will never buy another. I just became a Makita buyer.

  4. Ernie Daviduck

    The crapiest warranty in the industry and HOME DEPOT sales people misrepresent RiGID tOOLS–try and get warranty in Canada from Rigid they (rigid treat us like the plague)

  5. Andy E.

    Bought a bunch of Ridgid tools in June and all seemed to work fine for the first few months. Now, the tools will not operate when it is cold. Numerous forums point back to charger / battery issues and Rigid seems to have no solution except creating customer headaches. Jeez, my 20+ year old makitas work fine? WTF!

  6. Phil

    Don’t post much but what I experienced with my Rigid Drill deserves a comment. I am a Handyman and had need for a smaller (12v) drill. The Ridgid with Lithium batterys seemed to be the answer. I recieved the drill as a present from my daughter and did not have the reciept. After about 1 year the charger reports both batteries as being bad, so I suspect the charger is bad. Packaged it all back up and went to my local Home Depot where I was surprised to find that they do not replace these drills. I also found that when registering the drill online that the Lifetime warrant means 3 years, not the Lifetime warranty that is clearly printed on the marketing package, signage at Home Depot, and other ads. When HD looked up the serial numbers off the batteries it reports this drill as being manufactured in 1988. Don’t think this drill was even made back then.
    But I know it was purchased about a year ago. Anyway you would expect that if RIDGID is advertising Lifetime Warranty that the date of manufacture would not matter unless they are avoiding warranty work.
    Previously I had purchased a corded Ridgid Hole Hawg drill and found that the variable cluch was slipping. Again HD did not honor and needed to go through the necessary hoops to get this repaired. Still not repaired due to lack of time to do the paper work. By the way Moen (By it for life) plays the same game.
    I have become a huge fan of Harbor Freight tools because they replace anything in the store and yes sometimes the quality of the tool is not always the highest quality but I can buy two items, one for backup, and still spend 4-5x less on the tool and have less hassel getting the tool replaced. I guess the luck I have had with Ridgid tools is worse than with Harbor Freight (Chicago) tools. I know Ridgid had its good days but now it appears they are trying to stay in business by decieving their customers with high-hassel warranty which appears to not be lifetime warranty.
    My Experience with Ridgid Tools:
    Pay 4-5x more for tool.
    Experience 4-5x more hassel on warranty claims.
    Tools fail as often as Mid-quality Harbor Freight tools.
    Advertising is very misleading and sets expectations that huge amount you pay will get you better tool or service.

    So if you have a lot of cash to spend and don’t mind the huge hassel warranty then buy Ridgid, if want a very economically tool go to harbor freight and buy Chicago brand tools.

    BTW: The Ridgid you buy from HD is NOT the same Ridgid from somewhere else. HD Rep told me this.

    Handyman Express Idaho

  7. Phil

    @Andy E.
    Agree with you there. Have had similar issues with a 12V lithium Ion batteries. Charger reports both bad. I suspect it is the charger. I guess I can jump through the hoops but what a hassle. Harbor Freight is the way to go with there mid-grade (Chicago) tools. Have had better luck with them and hassel free replacement in the store. Bonus: Savings of 4-5x the cost too. I have posted my expreience on this web site if interested in details…

    Handyman Express Idaho

  8. Phil

    @Ernie Daviduck
    Warranty, from my experience, is no better in the US.
    Two companies on my list to avoid:
    Moen (Buy it for life)
    Ridgid (Lifetime Warranty)

    Both companies are not customer geared and in order to get what you paid for (Warranty) be prepared to pay…

    Moen – Pay to have the part they ship you installed by a Handyman.
    Ridgid – Pay in time and Hassel to get any concern or actions.

    Not much for laws but they need to come down on these companies pretty hard and make them honor their statements or quite setting false expectations.

    Handyman Express Idaho.

  9. Phil

    @Dave C
    Yep I understand what you are saying. They are misleading the consumers and doing everything they can to avoid warranty work.
    If you want another similar experience try and get warranty on a Moen faucet, you know the one you buy for life…
    These kind of companies cause us to mis-trust the other good ones.
    If you have a Harbor Freight, you might give them a try. Clues
    Buy only their mid-grade tools at the minimum (Chicago).
    You will pay 4-5x less for tool.
    In Store warrany cost is very resonable.
    Will take tool back in store even if you have not purchased warranty, you just have to agree to by one on the replacement.
    All the Ridgid tools (Except the See-Snake) I have had problems with and all within a year or less.
    I too am giving up on Ridgid tools, the cost is HIGH, and the warranty sucks. Anyone that say they have great warranty must not have tried to do a warranty claim yet.

    Handyman Express Idaho

  10. D

    I had a 24v Lithium Combo kit but sold it last year after frustration with the Batteries. Both went bad and I had to send them in through a service company for Ridgid. Come to find out that they were on back order! My cobo kit was worthless since it took 5 months! Now my Ridgid 12v batteries are bad. By the way…the 12v are on Back Order as well. No more Ridgid for me!


    FEBRUARY 21 2010 at 3:30 p.m.

    40 YEARS AGO.


  12. TDH

    You need discussion forums like this, Edgar. So someone can be educated about a particular product.”COMPLAINING”, it’s more like constructive criticism. Here in the US we can do this, it’s a free country. I came here cause I’m having problems with Ridgid drill. Wish I would have seen all this complaining before I bought it. Making an educated decision probably prevented this purchase. I’m stuck now.

  13. jason

    buy hilti. 2 year no cost warranty, no questions asked. my battery died, i called them up and they sent me a UPS label, i sent the battery back for free, and got my new battery in 2 days. no questions asked.

  14. Gary

    Hey Guys…

    Anybody contacted your state Attorney General about this false advertising and not standing behind the Lifetime Warranty? I bet he/she would be interested in this and it might help a lot of folks. Might cause a class action lawsuit and make them fix the problem. Just a thought.

  15. Ridgid tools are coverd by a Full Lifetime Warranty – which means that when the tool dies it’s lifetime is over, and the warranty dies with it.

    So, you are the proud owner of a Ridgid tool with a Full Lifetime Warranty. When the salesman at the store told you the Ridgid tool had a “Full Lifetime Warranty”, what do you suppose he means? You weren’t thinking that if the tool failed that Ridgid might replace it, did you? Oh hell no, that’s not going to happen, because Normal Wear and Tear are not covered under the Ridgid “Full Lifetime Warranty”.

    A quote from the Ridgid web site: “Products that are returned for warranty inspection after months or years of continuous reliable service are rarely found to be defective”.

    Another exiciting quote from their site: “This warranty lasts for the lifetime of the RIDGID tool. Warranty coverage ends when the product becomes unusable for reasons other than defects in workmanship or material.”

    I kid you not, it is the written policy of Ridgid Tools that the “Full Lifetime Warranty” lasts for the lifetime of the product and dies when the produt dies, and that when you pay to ship your dead tools back to Ridgid it is “rarely found to be defective”. It may not work, it may be dead as a doornail, but Ridgid rarely decides its defective and hell no they aren’t going to replace it under their “Full Lifetime Warranty”.

  16. I have several ridgid tools. I have troubles with each tool ( well 7 out of 11) and for what I paid they should last longer. Ridgid gives the runaround approach on any warranty and I was led to believe I could take the tools back to HD where I bought them. So now I know of two liars. Parts can be found but again they are way too expensive for what they are. Support must watch porn all day as they sure as hell do not respond to any email. Ridgid can forget me or anyone I happen to meet EVER buying any more of their junk

  17. I Bought my Rigid 18 volt drill in 2005, the the “guaranteed for life” batteries are now dead & NEED OF REPLACEMENT. so FAR I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO FIND WHERE THOSE “AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTERS” are.
    next problem I see is that the receipt I have from Home was printed with disappearing Ink.
    SO here is the “CATCH”
    All registrations must be made under the name of an individual person. Within approximately 6-8 weeks after completion of the registration process, you will receive confirmation via email or US mail that will include your Lifetime Service Agreement Identification Number. Keep track of this number as you will need it in order to obtain service for your product under the Lifetime Service Agreement. A Lifetime Service Agreement card will be mailed to you; this will also include your Lifetime Service Agreement Identification Number.
    i guess this warranty isn’t worth anything

  18. Troy

    I got a rigid hammer drill from HD last DEC. 2009. I was drilling away when the drill just stopped working. I took it back to home depot and got the run around and was finally told I would have to pay $35. to send it off for inspection for a repair. The manager’s attitude toward rather it would be fixed under warranty was very doubtful. Showing what home depot employees really won’t let you know about rigid warranties when they are trying to sell you one. Not the sell I got in the tool department the day I bought the thing and switched from dewalt. Let Me tell you. Keep your $35.00. After you send your tool off you will get a call back from home depot telling you either your tool is damaged beyond repair or you can pay to get it fixed. Either way you loose the $35 because of the inspection fee! Warranty at Home depot for ridgit tools is worthless!

  19. JC

    Ignorant people who do not follow directions sure do love to complain!If you follow the directions on how to obtain your lifetime service agreement and read and comprehend the info.You will find that this is indeed a great service agreement.They replace batteries and repair your tools.I have used it and they do as they say.Just make sure you get that warranty card.Also,if you register online you can print the info so you can obtain service with it.

  20. Efraim Logreira

    I just purchased a power tool at The Home Depot, they told me to register it thru the internet for the life time service agreement, but I do not find the form thru the inter net, please imforme how to obtained.
    Thank you

  21. The lifetime warranty is not free for owner of Rigid tools. You will have to travel to get replacements or pay to mail. I think the store in witch you have bought them should be able to help you with replacement.
    If most people knew about the warranty problems they would go with a
    different brand. Home Depot is no help at all.

  22. jerry

    there is one in toledo ohio on broadway street

  23. G

    Absolute CRAP!!! It has taken 2-1/2 YEARS for my friend to get 2 18 volt batteries replaced, and I’m getting the run around about 2 batts and the blade holder on my recip saw. DONT BELIEVE A WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. G

    Sir, I’m glad your experience has been good, but please don’t refer to people who haven’t shared your good fortune as Ignorant. I registered all my tools, just as I was instructed to, sent in the upc by registered mail, etc. and never received a registration #. Some of my tools show up as being registered, some do not. Some are registered twice, and the “combo kit” I purchased catologue # is mis-identified. Furthermore, Ive been atempting to get my recip saws blade holder fixed (A poor ,flawed design) since it was new, and for the last 6 mo.s or so have been attempting to get 2 18v batts replaced, I have NEVER spoken personally to someone who has been satisfied.

  25. dave sisson

    you people do relize that ridgit may of been a good american copmany back a few years ago, but now most all products are made in china. anothe case of name brands deciving us. and harbor freight is 100 percednt china. pls try to buy from companys that still are made in the good old USA.

  26. Robert

    I had to get my Rigid cordless driver repaired, and sent it to 1800toolrepair.com They took care of my warranty repair and got it back to me in about two weeks. Great company to deal with.

  27. Rudy

    I bought two Ridgid cordless drills. All the batteries went bad. The lifetime warranty was not worth the trouble. Ridgid does not return my calls and Home Depot cannot get ahold of them to find out the return procedure. I will be replacing them with Milwakee.

  28. Richard Groseclose

    @Conrad I have had my tools serviced and my Batterys replaced since I purchased the Tool 5 years ago. all they needed was a serial number off one of the Tools. when I purchased these Tools they said they were Guaranteed for Life, Now the Tool service center said the I have to have a life time service number to get the Tools and Batteries warrentied. I will buy no more Ridged Products.

  29. Fred

    Read the fine print. Lifetime is defined by the serviceable life of the product. This is also defined as the period during which all components are available. In other words, when your tool dies, the lifetime is over and no warranty exists, or, if they run out of parts, your warranty is gone as well. The lifetime is not the your lifetime, but the lifetime of the tool. Thus, when it dies, your warranty dies too.

    I asked this exact question of my HD salesman and he acted like I was being a bother to him. He stated lifetime is forever as long as I am alive. Turns out he was wrong. But, how do I prove months or years later what the HD salesman told me. I can’t so I’m screwed.

    I would like to see someone record a conversation with their salesman prior to buying and then replay the recording for the manager when you find out that things are not as promised by the HD representative.

    These trick word warranties written my POS lawyers are BS and someone needs to call them on it. They know what they are doing and misleading buyers with their BIG WORDS on the packaging “LIFETIME WARRANTY” and they run you ragged and not honor their warranty because you misunderstood. If you ask me, you could sue and win as there was never a meeting of the minds when you purchased since LIFETIME had a different meaning to each party. Also, the contract is construed in favor of the party who DID NOT write it, so any ambiguous terms are in favor of the buyer…so someone needs to set a precedent.

  30. I purchased a combo kit about three years ago and I am not pleased with the battery life. The batteries no longer hold charge. My neighbor has a 15 year old Makita, and it still holds charge and works great.
    The warranty requires you to send in old batteries for an undetermened amount of time. What do use in the meantime?? I blew 500 dollars on this combo and will not buy tools at Home Depot again…or anything else for that matter. I am going to disposable battery tools. Use it until it breaks and throw it away. Warranties are not worth the time and time is money.
    Handy Man and remodel expert

  31. Dominic


    Its a scam…I was told to either package all the batteries and charger and ship it to Hd or I could take it to this repair shop. I drove 60 miles to find the place closed. Open by appointment. I took pictures of the place because its a scam. I took pictures of the signs at HD to prove there is nothing saying the store wouldnt do the exchange. Sending it to NYS atty Generals Office. Plus tomorrow when I see Governor Cuomo I am going to show him this.

  32. keith


  33. Serges

    I had a problem with my 2 -24 volts batteries. Went to the repair shop. Within 48 hours I had 2 new ones. Thank you RIGID

  34. Vernon


    With any power tool it will eventually need service. If you don’t want to mail it somewhere make sure there is a service center near you. Mine is two miles away. I’ve had batteries replaced and drill motors replaced after 5 years of service at no charge. Ridgid is the same all over. Rigid named is owned by Emmerson, but TTI makes rigid. They also OWN Milwaukee and Ryobi along with other none tool companies.
    I do admit that many HD people, both the tool department and others don’t know there head from a hole in the ground. Read the paperwork and go on line at the manufacturers website for facts.

    All the other comments about tool change out by sears and others is true, but only within the extended warranty period. I have an 18V Bosch drill that failed at 2.5 years on a three year service and it was repaired free of charge. Took a week to get it back. If your income depends on this, then have a backup or wait.

  35. mark jewett

    I bought 6 of the small drills within 2 years ago and now have 8 bad batteris. I registered them properly on 3 separate occasions, none were confirmed . after 45 minutes on hold was told my name was not in the system…the serial# they say were 6 years old so even the 3 yr warranty is no good.(until i locate the reciepts) Ive made the mistake of buying other rigid tools but never again.. Now the $80,000 i spend a year at home depot is going to Lowes’
    “they get Rigid when they bend you over”

  36. Joan Olive

    Home Depot did not have warranty card to fill out, what do you need to register my husbands gift? I have a copy of the receipt and the UPC off the box.

  37. Rick Cravens

    Rigid 18v power drill had two months left in truck over night in the cold one battery dead won’t recharge, the other holds little charge. RIGID SUCKS FOR LIFE. But don’t worry you’ll only have them a short time before you MUST buy something else.

  38. I bought and registered my 24v Hammer Drill and as a result of a computer crash, I no longer have my data. Ridgid will not cover the repair and I want to find others to join e in a class action lawsuit. Please send me an email if you are in a similar state.

  39. @mark jewett
    Need several people to join me in a threat for lawsuit. I am aware that a small group cna bring class action against Ridgid.

  40. Richard

    Same problem as everyone did not get informed properlly on regestering
    for the lifetime batteries and now have a 400 dollar door stop thanks
    to Rigid and HD so off to Lowes and Dewalt with my money

  41. mike

    ..me too, feel totally deceived by HD salesman who boasted the “lifetime warranty”. I screwed up by not registering the tools, but they had told me “just bring it back and we give you a new one”. Now that both batteries are dead, I find out they do nothing. No more fast talking HD guys for me 🙁

  42. Ridgid tools warranty not worth paper written on!! The tools are fine, but the batteries are the worst I’ve ever used. Have owned a drill/ recip. saw combo set for1.5 years and would love to have my my money back. I also ‘fell’ for the lifetime warranty rouse @ H.D. After taking defective batteries back to a power tool repair facility, 15 miles out of my way, they have stopped servicing any Rigid Tools because of problems with reimbursement. Give me back my Dewalts!!!

  43. Jim Kelly

    I bought the 18v Ridgid combo pack from HD (Drill, Recip, Radio) in Jan 2010. Both batteries won’t hold a full charge. One dies after a few minutes and the other runs longer but doesn’t provide any torque. I bought the Ridgid name because of the lifetime service warranty but I’m not happy with the battery performance in only 1 1/2 – 2 yrs of light use. My first Makita 9.6 ran for 7 years before the batteries failed. I did regester the tools and received my LSA confirmation number. After reading all of your comments I am wondering what type of service I will receive. I’ll post back and let you know how I make out.

  44. Stan

    I made the mistake of getting hooked by the [BOGUS] ‘promotion’. I Registered my tools as directed, got all of the confirmations, and they STILL don’t honor their Misleading / Bogus / Fraudulent scheme to get their CRAP tools sold.
    I would be HAPPY to participate in a Class Action Suit. Even if the lawyers are the only ones to get re$olution, I don’t care, I just want them punished. Forget ANY satisfaction from HD, eventhough it s THEY who pander these crappy tools with their BOGUS Warranty. Look at the mentality of the sales people, they get ZERO training, and know essentially them same.
    So, tell me where to sign for the litigation !!

  45. Martin Borduas

    I first bought a combo kit in 2005 and for me the warranty is great. I bought another kit in 2008 to get an impact driver. 4 drills, 2 chargers and 4 batteries.

    I got 2 motor replaced, 3 times they replaced with new batteries ( there first ion batteries wern’t good at all) and once one drill with the ”chuckle”.

    I work as a carpenter and for the tools I have I guess I can say I got my moneys worth. Yes it does take time (4-6 weeks) to get repaired and the tools are a little heavier than lets say Makita drills but for me, so far nothing but thumbs up. When it breaks I go to there designated electrical repair store where he sends them in Ontario for repair-review … Never cost a thing …

    1. Administrator

      I am happy to hear some good with all of the bad that has been written about the Rigid lifetime warranty issues.

  46. Rick

    BAD WARRENTY service.
    No more Ridgid for me

  47. Rick

    I had it right in the first place. RIDGID

  48. colby

    I sent in warranty papers for 3 tools in the last 4 years and never heard anything else from Ridgid…warranty is CRAP!

    1. Administrator

      There seems to be much more negative feedback regarding the Rigid tools warranty than positive notes. However, many more will complain than will praise.

  49. Dave

    Don’t bother! In a few short years they will come up with some underhanded method of getting out of the lifetime warranty. With me they waited 4 years to ask me for my original receipt because they claim they don’t have it on file. Who still has the receipt after that long? It is a great plan on their part and undoubtedly will cancel thousands of warranties!
    Find another brand to buy. Rigid isn’t the best tool on the market and without the lifetime warranty they are a complete waste of time!

  50. Paul

    I must say that there was quite a long and frustrating delay in getting the official Lifetime Warranty registration numbers I needed in order to take advantage of their lifetime warranty for the drill kit I bought. However once I got the numbers I was able to get a defective Lithium/Ion battery replaced at the Home Depot where I bought the drill kit. I think the original batteries were defective from the factory as they wouldn’t hold a charge for more than 24 hours. The new battery is great and now I have to replace the 2nd one that came with the original kit. I figured I paid extra for the drill kit at about $200 (above average) to cover their lifetime garrantee which was ok with me as long as they honor it. I do keep all the receipts and paper work in a file. I figure that is my responsibility and theirs is to give me no hastle service and replacements when and if neccesary. It is a good drill and so far I’m happy with it and the service.

  51. Jeffrey J Erhorn

    Ridgid Tool warrenty. Not much luck going to Home Depot to get replacement batteries, process has changed and most of them don’t know how it works. Found the local ridgid sevice place in my area on the web. Called them up, they were able to find me in the warrenty data base. They had to order the battery (2 days) took the 5 year old battery and tool for verification. They gave me the new battery, no problem. Had to drive 60 miles round trip, but still cheapper than buying a new one.

  52. Mik Hart

    I registered my cordless drill in 2007, via website and mailed them the Home Depot receipt per their warranty process.
    When I tried to get replacement batteries per their lifetime battery replacement warranty, they told me I had never registered. They told me to write them a letter, I did so April 2011. Now over a year since I sent that letter they say they have not heard from me and I need to write a letter.
    I spoke to Home Depot and the two Home Depot employees I spoke to said that Rigid is terrible to deal with.

    1. Administrator


      We hear way too many stories like this about warranties. This isn’t just the case for tools. It seems today’s product warranties aren’t worth the paper they are printed on. It almost seems like companies restructure to make it difficult to collect on the promise made.

      Thanks for visiting. Please bookmark WNYHandyman.com

  53. Robert Murray

    Yes I just bought these cordless drills. I the Home Depot person told me the warrant were great on them. But now I am reading that they do not honor it and always loosing slips or the info on it.
    So please tell me that you are good on these tools. So I can or should keep them or return them.
    Thank you I will be waiting for a quick responce other wise I will return them in 10 days.. Bob Murray

  54. Arkadi

    I have Ridgid 14v cordless drill that is no longer does variable speed, one dead battery and one battery that barely holds charge. With my lifetime registration I was quite sure I will have no trouble getting that serviced. Was I wrong…
    I leave in Toronto, Canada. It appears that in past couple of years many service centers have run away from Ridgid. Now only centers that are around are way outside of the city. If you need to get your tool serviced you need to do hours of driving to get to closest center. I would not recommend anyone living in Toronto to buy Ridgid tools. Ridgid tools – No service. I already had my tool accepted and returned to me without any repair after a month of waiting from one of service centers that just decided not to do any more business with Ridgid.
    After talking to Ridgid customer service I was given 2 options – drive to another neighboring city or mail the tool (I get privilege to pay for mailing). This stuff is heavy so it is not going to be cheap.

    Ridgid tools – never again.

  55. I took my fuego circular saw to home depot to get repaired. The knob that controls the shoe wore out because its made of plastic. Home Depot called me to come pick it up and I had to pay 49.19 they said they had to put another power chord on and nothing was covered under waranty.

    1. Administrator


      Did they go ahead and do the work without asking for your approval? That is terrible. I don’t see many comments about the Rigid warranty being worth much more than the paper it is printed on. What a shame!

      I’ll stick with my Milwaukee.


  56. nacho

    ive notice that home depot has changed their policy several times,had a talk with the manager I have known about Ridgid for many years. and have switched all my tools to Ridgid not because of the tool but for the warr.even though the tools are still sub par. But have told countless people looking for tools to pay a little more (ryoby)and get Ridgid. i will be swapping my tools soon, OK run Ridgid bye bye.

  57. tom schoeffler

    bought ridgid 18v 5 peice x3 cordless tools then registerd the tools 2/16/10 in jan 2013 the sawsall and battery connection melted so i called ridged for warrenty center they ask me my name and date of purches after giving the info the center responded that the tools were registerd but that i never sent the upc and registation paper back to them (i did) so the LSA was not being honored and the standard 3 year warrenty was all i had.after telling them that i do alot of business with home depot they said they are ridgid and not home depot and could care less if i took my business elsewere after that statment i thought it better to deal with home depot directly after finding the man that sold me the tools and xplaning the problem he said he would talk to the ridgid rep and resolve the problem needles to say two weeks later the rep said he could do nothing and would give it to his boss needless to say two weeks later i was told he could not do anything also. the HD guy could not believe that ridgid people would not honor the LSA after showing them all the correct paperwork (i even had a copy of the UPC and the box for the tools after three years) in my opinion ridgid tool warrenty is all hype and not to be beleived for any reason they clearly riped me off and HD will be the one to pay for representing a company that clearly dosent do the right thing even after showing them there error I cant do any worse at lowes even though i like the people at the home depot that i have delt with for years . buy the way i am a small contractor and do about $30.000 a year with them what a shame

  58. Lindsey Smith

    I have reached the conclusion that the Ridgid Lifetime Guarantee for power tools is absolutely worthless. I had an arbor go bad on a table saw and took it in to a Home Depot dealer. He said that it looked like a covered item but he would need to verify that I registered the warranty. He could not get confirmation from Ridgid and informed me that I was not covered. I called Ridgid and was informed that if the unit was purchased prior to 2004, (which it was) it did not have to be registered. I took this information to Home Depot and the service rep calls Ridgid. This time the warranty is valid, but the new determination is that the arbor failed due to “wear and tear.” Never mind that the arbor began going bad less than a year after purchase and that the saw was hardly used. (used at home for occasional furniture making) Interestingly, when I called Ridgid, they said that the determination on replacing something was completely up to the Home Depot service rep. The service rep claimed that it was totally up to Ridgid and that he had no say in the matter. I’m out $160 for replacing a “lifetime warranty” item. When I later took the arbor unit apart, the bearings were like new. The arbor shaft itself had worn away and would not roll flat on a ground granite table. I’m pretty convinced that the arbor shaft was defective from the get go. Home Depot and Ridgid can kiss my business goodbye. Menards does not treat customers like this and will now all of my business.

  59. Mike

    Complete hassle. Bought many of the original product lines under Emerson/Ridgid name. Everytime I call regarding warranties I have to go up the food chain to finally get someone to recognize that the tool is under warranty. I’ve been giving addresses for service depots that no longer exists (ie. companies that have given up on doing warranty work for Ridgid because they tell customers that a tool is under warranty and then when they submit the claim, Ridgid doesn’t honour it). I had a situation were I had to bring my entire bandsaw to a shop after spending 3 days on the phone with Ridgid to have them finally recognize that my bandsaw was still under warranty. Once I went through all the headaches to get the tool to the repair shop, they turned around and said “It’s not under warranty”. Had to spend another day to get hold of a manager that finally contacted the repair shop and said “It is under warranty”. The repair guy fixed the saw and I brought it home. A month later I get a call from the repair shop stating that Ridgid didn’t honour the warranty and the material and work isn’t under warranty. Now who pays! If I didn’t have a warranty, I would have fix the tool myself. Now the guy at the shop is out his labour and material OR I have to pay him for the work which I would have done myself if the tool wasn’t under warranty. DO NOT BY RIGID. THEY DON’T HONOUR their Warranties. If you are planning on buying a RIDGID tool based on the warranty factor….. DON’T. I rarely write comments (this is probably the third one I have ever written!) but hopefully I can save someone the headaches that I have experienced with RIDGID and their terrible customer support and warranties.

  60. Brp

    Rigid power tool Warranty a joke. I can tell you that months after I bought my combo 18 volt tool set it was an easy process to have the batteries replaced. But years into the warranty it has been impossible to have them try and honour the warranty. They will say you did not register your tools ( which Is a lie because I had already once replaced the batteries ), give you the run around. The bottom line is the warranty is great if they honour it. I will never buy another rigid tool again. To be honest it was only there promise of the warranty that made me choose Rigid. -/. Nothing else

  61. Sharon

    FRAUD! RIDGID! FRAUD! There was a big sign hanging up in December of 2015 saying LIFETIME WARRANTY. We purchased a box set, and registered each item and battery, and battery charger separately 4 DAYS after the purchase online. Since then they CHANGED our LIFETIME WARRANTY to #YEARS for every single item. THEY are not honoring it, and we cannot RETURN the products for a full refund to purchase Dewalts because it is past the 90 days. RIDGID has lost our phone number & name & address and has lost all of our contact information other than our login information since then, but I can still log in. They stated they needed MORE information off of the receipt and they are stating that it is too late to give them that information even though we still have the receipt, and we had entered the receipt information 7 different times for each product and they are NOT HONORING it on any of the products. This is not the FIRST time because we had purchased items previously which were not working & the people at the ProDesk at Home Depot registered it for us saying it is registered, and taken care of and don’t worry about it, but they did not register each individual item, so it was not fine. That is why we very carefully registered each and every item, but GUESS WHAT! They said that they need more information, and when I asked them what information they needed they could NOT answer, and did not seem to know. They said it was information on the receipt. So I told them that I have the receipt, what information do you need. They said it is too late to give them the information, BUT they don’t know what information they need, They asked what my email was and said they had emailed me. Because they seem to have lost all of my Contact information. But I have their phone number saved from calling them AFTER I registered the items to make certain they were registered.



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