Fastcap 3rd hand Review. A helping hand when no one else is there.

The fastcap 3rd hand is a great tool. I can’t tell you how many times I have been able to use this item. If you work alone, I am sure that you have needed someone to “hold that other end”. You have probably also made your own braces out of a spare 2×4 (or two). The 3rd hand is great because it allows you to jack it up with a single hand. It is great for placing crown molding, or even drywall pieces. When hanging drwall alone you can use your regular t-brace (made from 2×4’s) and then snug the piece against the ceiling with your 3rd hand tool. This allows you to get your screws in nicely without worrying about your drywall shifting.

FastCap 3rd Hand
FastCap 3rd Hand

For about $40, this is a nice tool. You can find it at sites like Rockler or Coastal Tool. The price doesn’t vary too much from one retailer to the next, so check on the cost of shipping, handling, and sales tax.





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  1. Dave Angle

    Just TRY to get a tool registered. I have tried and it didn’t happened. Carefully jumped thru all the hoops…no reply from RIDGID. Reading others comments as to how RIDGID will not stand behind the warrant makes me question whether is worth the hassel.

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