When I am browsing real estate online it gets a little frustrating when the pictures are nothing but a dark room with some shapes that I can make out. We have all seen them and it usually happens when you are taking the picture while pointing at a window. I am not a photographer, so I can’t tell you how to avoid that, but I can tell you how to fix the image before you post it online.

Realtors often post pictures where nothing is clear. I would argue that they would be better off by not posting the photo rather than posting the dark depressing looking version.

Realtors, listen up… There is a simple fix and it is free. Just about any photo management and/or editing program has these simple fixes in the program. I use a free product from Google named Picasa. You simply import the picture into Picasa and double click the thumbnail of the photo. This will open up a window with a menu on the left where the first tab is “Basic Fixes”. Be sure you are on that tab. The bottom option on that menu is titled “Fill Light”. It is a simple slider. Drag it to the right and you will be amazed that it appears that you are turning on the lights. You won’t believe how well this works with virtually any photo.

When fixing a picture in this way, I like to show people the extreme difference. Take a look at the before picture below.
Before fixing the photo

fix a dark photo -after

This is the exact same file with nothing done except for the simple “Fill Light” adjustment. When you are done, “Export” your revised file for upload.