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Buffalo real estate bargains that might interest you.

I browse real estate listings on a daily basis. For the most part, I do it for fun. I guess it is my version of window shopping.

On occasion, I come across listings for properties that seem to be pretty good deals. I chat with people about these deals and there is usually a reason for the low prices for a home. However, many of these homes are ideal if you are going to live at that location and you are able to do some work yourself.

Often times, you will see a house that is pretty nice… except for…

It is the ‘except for’ that can often be remedied if you are a handy person. Perhaps you work for a landscaping company or own your own business. Maybe you are a roofer, concrete person, tree removal expert, etc. You probably get the picture.

A house that is a bargain, for a reason, might just be the right place for you because of your expertise. I am going to use this category to highlight some of these homes in the Buffalo and Western New York area.

The majority of my searching is done in the following suburbs (listed in my own order of priority).

  • Lancaster
  • Williamsville
  • Clarence
  • Elma
  • Amherst,Snyder
  • Orchard Park

I’ll keep doing my searching and when I find a place that I think looks like a nice deal, I will post some information. I will try to link to the listing on a local real estate web site. I hope that someone is able to find a home, or a project, that is right for their particular situation.

Good luck searching.

By WNY Handyman

WNY Handyman has been renovating property since the mid 1990's. We have done a number of renovation projects over the years and often share our experiences or renovation techniques. We have been in the business of flipping for fun and profit and provide advice based on our experiences.
Our site is geared toward the weekend warrior and the DIY'er. However, it is our experience that many "professional" contractors could use a little advice now and then.

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