If you have ever searched for commercial real estate in Buffalo, NY or any suburb such as Amherst or Lancaster, you have probably found that searching for commercial real estate is far behind the ease of searching for residential real estate. In the Buffalo/Niagara area, you can do a simple search on the Buffalo Niagara MLS to find most properties in the region.

However, commercial real estate listings aren’t as easy. There is a commercial search at the Buffalo Niagara Homes site, but there is a great deal of commercial property that isn’t listed in that database. I am not sure of the reason why, but I am assuming that it has something to do with the cost to list (just a guess). To make your WNY commercial real estate search easier, I have compiled a list of local web sites where you can find listings. You will see some overlap here, but if you are looking hard, and don’t want to hit the roads just yet, this list should help you.

Some of the sites below will link you to Loopnet. You will be able to view all of the broker’s listings without having to pay the membership fee.

Commercial Real Estate Search (In no particular order)

A paid option is to search via LoopNet. You will be able to view a limited recordset with a free membership. The paid membership isn’t cheap, but you can subscribe for a short period. If you do end up locating a property, you will consider the cost as a pretty nominal expense.

If you are a commercial real estate broker in the Buffalo area, contact me to request your free listing on this site. You can contact me by adding a comment using the form below. I will add your web site to this page.