If you are like me and you like to browse local commercial real estate, you probably use www.huntcommercial.com as one of the sites that you view. You will probably find that most of the brokers don’t list the property prices within the listing or the presentation. Well, I came across a site a couple of days ago that seems to have the hunt pricing listed. Take a look at Propbot.com.

The primary site for listing commercial real estate is www.Loopnet.com. It can be a little frustrating since you have to be a member to view every property that comes up in your search, but if you visit the site through the listing brokers site, you will see property details. Here are some local commercial sites that use Loopnet.com.

Recckio Real Estate

Local commercial real estate listings, not using Loopnet
Buffalo Niagara Association of Realtors
MJ Peterson Commercial

Are you a local (Western New York and Buffalo Region) commercial real estate web site? If so, list your site in the “comments” section below and I will be sure to add your site to the above list.

Good luck searching.