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There aren’t too many true “online real estate auction” sites around. There is one that I keep coming across. The site is Williams & Williams Auctions. They offer a true auction format that allows you to place online bids in real time on properties. This isn’t the case for all properties, but it is designated when it is.

A friend picked up a house in Lockport last year on this site. I think he ended up paying $14,000 for a home in a decent neighborhood. It was obviously a gut job, but for the price, that was justified.

Check out the site for yourself. Buyer Beware!

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Williams and Williams know how to get it done… more and more luxury homes of late are being ran through the blocks.

When are they going to put sheriff and trustee sales through and on-line bid portal… I’m imagining not having to strut down to the county courthouse day in, day out; week in, week out rubbing shoulders with the horde.

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