The following is a nice house in a quiet neighborhood on the south side of Broadway in the Village of Lancaster. There are clearly some updates needed in this home. I renovated a property about 2 blocks down the street and was able to exit that for about $130k. Based on the location, and size, there is no reason why this couldn’t fetch $100k+ with a nice renovation.

This is a nice single family home that would be a great starter home.  Certainly less expensive than renting.  With the $8k tax credit, this is a BIG discount in a nice area.  The home is walking distance from everything.  It isn’t large (3 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom) and only about 1200 square feet, but if they layout is right that is not bad.

Lancaster NY House For Sale

Lancaster NY House for Sale

One thing that I like about this property is the garage behind the house that is accessed from the side road. It is close the the neighbor and on a small lot, but it has the nice village feel that so many subdivisions get away from.

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