Just picked up a rotary laser level to help with a couple of ceiling jobs on our latest fixer house.  One of the rooms was formerly a porch and the ceiling has a drop off of about 2″ from one end to the next.  The other ceiling has about a 1″ variation due issues with the way it was framed.  100 years ago,  when lathe and plaster was the method, a good plaster job could cover a sin that large. Not today.

I picked up this Johnson level at Home Depot last night. It was $69 at home depot, so I paid a bit more than I needed to, but having it on hand for was more important. I’ll follow up with a review of the Johnson rotary laser level after completing a couple of projects. You can’t beat the price compared to some of the pro tools. This could save a handyman hours if doing a drop ceiling, chair rails, etc.