If you have ever finished drywall, you probably remember that it is messy and your job doesn’t always look like a pro did thdrywall tips and how-toe job. The products that you use for the base (setting) coat and also the sheen of your paint matter.

This tutorial, or how-to, from rd.com is short and covers the techniques for each joint. Print it out, keep it with you and you will certainly end up with a more professional drywall job than if you try some DIY trial and error.

A couple of tips from my numerous drywall jobs:

  • Use a flat paint. Flat paint will hide more of the blemishes in your drywall job. Anything that reflects light will show your flaws.
  • Try to smooth your first and second coats of joint compound. If done properly, you will not need to sand until your final coat of compound is applied.

Good luck.


Finish Drywall Like a Pro