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Replacing a Toilet

If you ever have to replace a toilet, or a wax toilet ring, you will probably want to review a quick “how-to” prior to doing so. Even if you have done it in the past, it couldn’t hurt to review the steps prior to tackling this job. has a very quick and simple DIY guide for replacing a wax ring on a toilet. If you are installing a new toilet, swap the toilet out instead of cleaning up the old.

Replace a wax toilet ring.

By WNY Handyman

WNY Handyman has been renovating property since the mid 1990's. We have done a number of renovation projects over the years and often share our experiences or renovation techniques. We have been in the business of flipping for fun and profit and provide advice based on our experiences.
Our site is geared toward the weekend warrior and the DIY'er. However, it is our experience that many "professional" contractors could use a little advice now and then.

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