When working on any home improvement project, you should make a list of all of the work that needs to be accomplished to complete the project. Keep this list handy during the job. Add to it, cross of the jobs that are done, and continually reference it to stay on task.

It is very easy to veer from the list especially when the next task in line is a difficult or messy one. We all have a tendency to take the path of least resistance from time to time. I sometimes find myself doing a small project that can be done by any person with no home improvement skills at all.

These jobs are generally the punch list items that come at, or near, the end of a project. Obviously they have to get done, but if they don’t move the project along and it doesn’t take any level of skill to complete, you should really question the need for that project… at that time.

If your improvement, or handyman project, is at the stage that all of the jobs are the easy ones, well then congratulations, you are obviously near the end. However, if you are working on this job when there is a door to frame, sanding to be done, a ceiling to repair, etc… your resources are probably not being utilized properly.

Make your list, Stick to it.