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A good price for a decent tile saw. MK 370

A good price for an MK 370 can be found if you shop around a bit.

If you have done any amount of tile work yourself, you have found that it probably makes more sense to buy a saw than to rent one. If you are going to use a rented saw, you better get the job done in 1 or 2 days. For a beginner, that might be difficult. If you go beyond a couple of days with a rental, the cost will probably come close to the amount you would pay to purchase an inexpensive saw.

mk 370 tile saw

When looking for a saw, I spent quite a bit of time at There is a lot of feedback and detailed reviews about each saw. I didn’t buy it there, but it was terrific for researching the tile saw. I ended up purchasing a RECONDITIONED MK-370 TILE SAW WITH 7″ BLADE through a seller that I found on Ebay. I didn’t mind that it was reconditioned since it carries the full 1 year warranty from the manufacturer. I paid $169.00 for the saw. Shipping was $18.00. For a total of $187.00, I purchased a quality tile saw that would have cost $279.00 if purchased through Amazon.

It pays to shop around for your tools, especially the ones you are considering renting. If it is a single use tool and the job is going to take you a little while, but it and then sell it on Ebay when your improvement project is complete.

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Wanted to add some advice when using this tile saw. The saw comes with a set up where you place the pump directly in the tub. This isn’t the best idea since you will be placing it into your water that contains all of your debris and residue from the tile you just cut.

Even though the saw ships with a short length of hose, they do recommend that you place the pump in a separate bucket. By doing this, you will extend the life of your saw and of your blade. Buy an extra few feet of hose and place the pump in a separate bucket that contains clean water.

Good Day,
I’m Dwayne Carter i will like to know whether you do carry (Tile Saw).If you do reply me back with the sizes and ranges prices so that i can let you know the type and quantities that am ordering.Am shipping the (Tile Saw) to West Africa-Ghana.I will be recommending a freight company for the pickup of the (Tile Saw) at your location.Also i want to know the form of payment you do accept..I hope to ready from you soon.

It is incredible what you can achieve with a good tile saw. This has been helpful but I will keep looking to be able to compare the available machines. Thank you for posting this.

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