If you have done any amount of tile work yourself, you have found that it probably makes more sense to buy a saw than to rent one. If you are going to use a rented saw, you better get the job done in 1 or 2 days. For a beginner, that might be difficult. If you go beyond a couple of days with a rental, the cost will probably come close to the amount you would pay to purchase an inexpensive saw.

mk 370 tile saw

When looking for a saw, I spent quite a bit of time at Amazon.com. There is a lot of feedback and detailed reviews about each saw. I didn’t buy it there, but it was terrific for researching the tile saw. I ended up purchasing a RECONDITIONED MK-370 TILE SAW WITH 7″ BLADE through a seller that I found on Ebay. I didn’t mind that it was reconditioned since it carries the full 1 year warranty from the manufacturer. I paid $169.00 for the saw. Shipping was $18.00. For a total of $187.00, I purchased a quality tile saw that would have cost $279.00 if purchased through Amazon.

It pays to shop around for your tools, especially the ones you are considering renting. If it is a single use tool and the job is going to take you a little while, but it and then sell it on Ebay when your improvement project is complete.