I was a little skeptical about using a tinted (or dyed) ceiling paint. It sounds like a good idea for a product, and it really is.

Tinted ceiling paint

I purchased a tinted ceiling paint from Glidden. Using a 1/4″ nap roller for a smooth surface, the job went very well and the tinted paint left no doubt about where I left off. The coverage area was good. The product is billed as “reduced spatter” and it held up to that claim as well.

If you are a slow painter, you might run into issues where the dye in the paint is starting to fade to white before you are done. This might give you the impression that a certain area doesn’t have enough paint on it. The key to doing this ceiling painting job properly is to start in one area and work your way over, and out. Don’t do this job in a random fashion and you will be fine.