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Tinted Ceiling Paint – Review

I was a little skeptical about using a tinted ceiling paint. It sounds like a good idea for a product, and it truly is.

I was a little skeptical about using a tinted (or dyed) ceiling paint. It sounds like a good idea for a product, and it really is.

Tinted ceiling paint

I purchased a tinted ceiling paint from Glidden. Using a 1/4″ nap roller for a smooth surface, the job went very well and the tinted paint left no doubt about where I left off. The coverage area was good. The product is billed as “reduced spatter” and it held up to that claim as well.

If you are a slow painter, you might run into issues where the dye in the paint is starting to fade to white before you are done. This might give you the impression that a certain area doesn’t have enough paint on it. The key to doing this ceiling painting job properly is to start in one area and work your way over, and out. Don’t do this job in a random fashion and you will be fine.

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I used Glidden ceiling paint in the kitchen and bathroom. I liked the way it went on pink and the wide container that the roller could be submerged in was very convenient. There was little splattering. However, it is easy for it to look blotchy, and if you touch it with your finger after it’s dry, a shiny mark shows up. Then you paint over that again and it looks blotchy. I ended up putting 4 coats in my bathroom before it looked acceptable. My kitchen now has a big blotch where I tried to touch up after the installers of the ceiling fan touched the ceiling and made a shiny streak. By the last coat after both rooms, there were little dried chunks that transferred onto the ceiling. I thought it was my roller, but tried a brand new “lint free” one with the same results. I don’t think I’ll use this again. It does dry to a little creamish tinge, but that’s what I wanted anyway.

I tried this paint last week and never again. It was like painting with tinted water, the coverage was lousy. I did 2 coats and both were very blotchy even though I put it on thick and carefully overlapped each section. Then I bought some REAL ceiling paint. When I used that on a different ceiling, it looked perfect. When I put it on top of the other ceiling where I had already used two coats of the tinted paint, the finish was better but I can see very distinct dark areas where the joints of the drywall were mudded. I don’t see those at all in the other room. I don’t know what to do next. Counting the primer, I’ve done 4 coats on that ceiling and I’m still not happy.


This product really didn’t seem to take hold in the market. My hunch is that any buyers might be purchasing some old inventory that would cause issues worse than a fresh run of the paint. The tint must have an effect on the properties of the paint. I had the blotch issues as well. I had a project that needed white in closets and ended up buying this at a deep discount. Almost a waste, although the tint did make it easier to see the coverage.

I had never painted a ceiling before so I purchased this paint to help aid me in the job. The paint went on extremely well and I had no issues with the blotchy look that others have mentioned. The paint does start to turn white pretty quick so you do have to paint quickly in order to get the full benefit of the pink color.

I was so pleased with the outcome I have moved on to other rooms in our house and used the same ceiling paint in our bathroom. One thing that I’m now noticing that when there is a lot of moisture in the room the purple color is reappearing on the ceiling. My husband splashed some water on the ceiling to see what would happen and every spot that got wet turns to purple. So I would not recommend using this paint in high moisture/high humidity areas. Once the room drys out the ceiling turns back to white but not the look I was really hoping for.

DO NOT…I repeat…DO NOT purchase this paint! It is the WORST product I’ve used in years and I can’t believe I fell for this gimmick. Shame on me! Reminds me of when I fell for the purple sunscreen gimmack several years ago when my children were young. The can claims it dries to “bright white.” HARDLY!!! It’s more of a greenish beige to yellowish ivory…nothing white about it. I will be returning my unused can to Home Depot and ask that they remove the product from their shelves. Apparently I now need to wait at least 30 days before I can cover with Kilz and repaint with a “traditional” ceiling paint. If I touch the ceiling with a damp rag, both the rag and ceiling turn pink. I purchased it in hope that it would streamline the painting process and now it’s added EVEN MORE work to our schedule. I could go on but I will end simply with a plea to NOT purchase this substandard product. NO more Glidden paint for us!


Thanks for the review of the Tinted ceiling paint. There are many bad products on the shelf that sound like good ideas at first…

Sharing this information is certain to help someone looking to use this product in the future.

This product is awful. I am in the process of repainting a spare bedroom, and it took 4 coats for it to even look semi-decent. I use a paintstick, which has always made quick work of any paint job, so I figured it would take 2 hours at the most, but not all day! The coverage is terrible!! Lines and zebra stripes all over the place. At first I thought it was the drywall sucking it up, but I realized it was the paint. It looks good in the CAN, but forget using it on a ceiling. I will never use this product again!

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