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The Buffalo Niagara association of Realtors web site is called BuffaloNiagaraHomes.com. It is managed by a company that is contracted to handle the MLS for the group. They reconfigured parts of their site and made it rather frustrating.

As a web user, there is nothing more frustrating than landing on a page that gives me an error telling me that the page can’t be found. Well, recent changes at the Buffalo Niagara Homes site will have that happening with any property that was linked prior to the change. When you are making changes on a web site, especially one that many other parties rely on (Realtors), you should make the transition as smooth as possible. There is a rather simple method used to forward any old links. It is seamless to the visitor and should be a first step.

How about a bookmark this listing? Isn’t the growth area on the web social? Sharing of links and bookmarking is a key component of that. BNH eliminated the simple ability to share a listing with a friend, spouse, Realtor, etc. You can e-mail it, but that is much more intrusive (captures the user data). Make it simple. When you do a search and click on a listing, they are passing the information specific to the property in a way that hides it when you bookmark the page. How about adding the feature?

One other thing… How about presets values for minimum price and maximum price that are more reasonable. Are you basing this upon your own search data? Why don’t you start at “no minimum” and “no maximum” for price and give your users a little credit. They are smart enough to figure out how to modify form fields. If they aren’t, you are losing them anyway. Lock them in at $100,000-$150,000 and they will go away thinking you don’t have listings in their $300,000 price range. For the people who you don’t think can change some form fields, you are sending them away. I would bet they could navigate ‘next page’ if they can’t change a form field. Show them everything. Why don’t you give this a run for a week or two and then base your preset values on actual search data that you are capturing. If you are already doing this, my apologies.

Just trying to provide some feedback that I would imagine that BuffaloNiagaraHomes.com isn’t interested in.







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