BML Contracting Review

This post regarding BML Contracting has been removed. The comments that were coming in reached a level that was far too personal. This site is provided as an open forum for discussion, but there does come a point where people go too far.

If you were considering using BML Contracting, or ANY other contractor, I would encourage you to do your homework. I would recommend that anyone get at least 3 estimates for any job and CHECK REFERENCES!

I cannot emphasize the importance of checking references enough. Too many people fail to do so and are sorry.

Here are links to a couple of articles regarding how you should choose a contractor. You might even want to consider a site like when bidding a project. You should still do your own homework, but working with a company that does some advance screening should provide you a little peace of mind.

Choosing a contractor (from Lowe’s)
How to choose a contractor (