A friend is shopping for a house and she asked a couple of questions. I figured that I would share since there are probably others that will have the same question.

Can you tell me what it means by hot water heat, baseboard heat. Is that old school? Also about how much do you think it would cost to put central air in a 2000 sq ft house?

Hot water heat uses hot water heated by a boiler. It is usually referenced as “hot water” or “baseboard” in a listing. Here is a picture of a modern “baseboard” unit.
baseboard heat

When the home is older (approx. pre 1950), the hot water heat might reference a little older setup with cast iron radiators.
cast iron radiator
Both of these would be referenced by a Realtor as “Hot water heat”.

The cost for central air would depend a lot on the current setup. If it is a newer home with “forced air”, the cost might be $1500-$2500. If it is a forced air setup, there is already ductwork and a blower unit so there is no need to add those items. If it is hot water heat, they would need to put in new ductwork throughout the house. This is a pretty expensive proposition and I would expect that it be in excess of $5,000 for that job.