I have to hand it to a local site named SpeakUpWNY.com. I live in Lancaster, NY and the site certainly has a Lancaster lean to it. The main writer/blogger at the site is a local Lancaster resident who is well known around town.

They do a very good job of covering stories and providing an editorial about the subject matter.

They also have a rather active local message board. The forum is broken into topics and townships and is probably one of the more active local boards that you will find. I have been reading the site for a couple of years now and have noticed that some of the folks that post regularly are certainly in the know with regards to local real estate development. Much of what they have said has come to fruition. In fact, I wish that I had believed it a couple of years back when I was going to purchase a Transit Road property. Live and learn, hindsight, etc…

Check them out at Speakupwny.com







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