RTA Kitchen Cabinet Follow Up

This is a follow up to the previous post RTA Kitchen Cabinets and Vanities.

After placing a good sized order, from RTA Cabinet Store, I was contact to let me know that there were 2 items that would be delayed a few days (good communication). I let them know that it would be fine to ship the entire order once those arrived.

The cabinets are very solid. The finish has a slight variation from one batch to the next (as with most RTA cabinets) but in my application, that was acceptable. In fact, the cabinet that I am using is the Chestnut Maple Glazed. Since it is a glazed cabinet, the differences are hardly noticeable with an entire run of cabinets put together.

I would strongly recommend this company. I am happy to have found an RTA supplier who is close to NY. They are in PA so the shipping costs are reasonable and the transit time is only a couple of days.

Give them a try for your RTA cabinet needs. You can reach them at 610-275-1597.






3 responses to “RTA Kitchen Cabinet Follow Up”

  1. MIke

    why dont you try instockkitchens_com they have all the cabinets you need instock and ready to ship

  2. Hope

    Another great place for cabinets is RTA Cabinets Unlimited atrtacabi_net . They have more selection to pick from then anyone else I have found. They shiped the cabinets out very fast and most importantly they actually ANSWERED the phone! These guys really seem to know their stuff too.

  3. jackie

    You should check out other reviews on the internet about this company before buying. Other reviews not so positive including my experience. Awful customer service

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