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RTA Kitchen Cabinet Follow Up

This is a follow up to the previous post RTA Kitchen Cabinets and Vanities.

After placing a good sized order, from RTA Cabinet Store, I was contact to let me know that there were 2 items that would be delayed a few days (good communication). I let them know that it would be fine to ship the entire order once those arrived.

The cabinets are very solid. The finish has a slight variation from one batch to the next (as with most RTA cabinets) but in my application, that was acceptable. In fact, the cabinet that I am using is the Chestnut Maple Glazed. Since it is a glazed cabinet, the differences are hardly noticeable with an entire run of cabinets put together.

I would strongly recommend this company. I am happy to have found an RTA supplier who is close to NY. They are in PA so the shipping costs are reasonable and the transit time is only a couple of days.

Give them a try for your RTA cabinet needs. You can reach them at 610-275-1597.

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