I did a quick renovation of our laundry room last year and have been surprised to find how many people have asked questions about it when it came time to do their own. We live in a neighborhood of new’ish homes where many share a similar layout for the laundry room and pantry. The general layout is a long narrow room.

With the shift toward stackable, front-load, appliances, many find themselves with some added space in the small laundry and are seeking a way to make good use of the room. When I did my laundry room renovation I was looking to maximize storage and include some cabinetry. You can read the earlier post to see more. ‘

The primary purpose of this post is to share my Google Sketchup File for our laundry room layout. You will see that cabinetry is included (Ikea) and the washer and dryer units are from GE.

Good luck with your own laundry room renovation: