Have you ever cleaned your dryer vents?  Have you ever considered that as something you might need?

Dryer vent fire

Interestingly enough, a clogged dryer vent accounts for more than 15,000 reported fires each year, however, it is something that most of us would never consider doing.  If you have a flexible vent line, you should simply replace that line when it shows signs of becoming clogged.  A rigid line is ideal and in most areas, a rigid line is now code.  There are flexible aluminum line options, but those have many ridges for the lint to cling to.

Dryer vents clogged with lint can cause dryers to work longer to dry that results in excess energy costs that could exceed $100 annually. Newer, more efficient, dryers push more of the lint into the vent line as the front screen trap causing more lint accumulation and clogging.

If you are not comfortable with running a little bit of 4″ aluminum dryer vent line on your own, you might want to consider a handyman for the service.  It is a simple job and you can probably book a handyman for an hour and get a couple of other everyday maintenance items looked at at the same time.

There are even services out there that specialize in cleaning of dryer vents.  One is named “Dryer Vent Wizard”.   They have quite a bit of helpful information on their web site at www.dryerventwizard.com.

If you are a handyman (I know that some of you read this site), you might want to consider a Dryer Vent Wizard Franchise as an add on to your business.