Are you trying to reach out to businesses in the Lancaster, NY area? Have you considered advertising to the members of the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce? If so, please let me know about it. I am about to place a small advertisement with the Chamber and would love to know if this works.

I will be publishing the results after the ads have run. I am going to do a couple of test cases, and frankly, I hope that there is something to measure.

As it turns out, you need to be a member to advertise with the Lancaster Chamber. Not sure about Amherst or Clarence, but if this works, I’ll let you know.

I joined the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce. The membership was reasonable at $135 per year. If you are a new business (the corporation that I joined as is less than 6 months old) then the cost is only $62.50. Linda Stapleton walked through everything with me on the phone and was very helpful in answering any questions that I had.

For those web savvy folks, don’t forget about the link to your site that comes with the membership (from: The value of that should cover part of the cost (at least in theory).

I’ll add a follow up to this in a few weeks. Bookmark this and check back.

UPDATED 3/7/2007: As I mentioned above, I am posting about the ad that run in the chamber e-mail newsletter.
I advertised an office for rent in the Zesto. There were 0 inquiries from the 2 week run. Not much more to say.

I will be advertising via their print newsletter and with an insert in the mailing. As with the Zesto, I will post the results.