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Lake Erie Bargain – Lake Rights

UPDATE: As of July 27, 2011, This cottage appears to be under contract. Based on the listing date and the date that the listing dropped from the MLS, there was very likely an offer and contract in the first day or two.  

Feels like I have been spending far too much time focusing on real estate, cottages in particular, and not much on the DIY aspect of the Handyman. However, there are a few things you can do when you don’t have a location to apply your handyman muscle.

As I mentioned earlier, we are under contract for a lakefront cottage. Because of that, I spend a few minutes each morning browsing the new listings with Lake Rights / Lake Access in the Chautauqua region. I have been surprised at the number of listings that pop up at this time of the year. My expectation was that the bulk of new listings would show up at the end of the season, however, it appears that those ready to sell are probably selling to get the most access our of this season on the lake.  By selling now, they won’t close until September / October. Ideal for many.

Here is another lake bargain.  This cottage is very attractive and has the style that most would want in a cottage. Small, but big enough to accommodate vacationers.  The cottage is located in a very nice Lake Erie community called Hanford Bay.

As of this writing (7/18/2011), this cottage is listed at $99,000.

Click on the picture to view the cottage listing.






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