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Cottage on Rushford Lake – Real Estate Bargains

From time to time I will point out some real estate bargains around WNY.  As someone who searched for a cottage for about 5 years, I came across a number of properties in many different price ranges and in doing so, gained a sense of where things should fall (in terms of price).  When I saw this cottage listing on Craigslist, it stood out as a possible bargain property.  There are some negatives that include the fact that the home is not directly on a lakefront lot, but that is remedied by the fact that you do have your own swath of lakefront along with a deck and the all important boat dock.

As of this writing, the property is priced at $64,900.  $64,900 doesn’t usually get your much let alone lake front.  I like the fact that the dock is not part of a community dock, but is actually your own.  This provides much more privacy on a small lake.

If you are seeking a cottage getaway on a beautiful lake, take a look for yourself.

Listing on Zillow:

Link to Bing Bird’s Eye Map:

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