cheap butcher block counter top how to

DIY Butcher Block Counter Tops

Who doesn’t love a classic butcher block countertop.  I am not talking about the 1980’s Formica version, but a classic, 1″ – 2″  thick butcher block counter top.

You could probably figure out how to build this one yourself, but a plan is always helpful.  If you are going to build your own butcher block, please take a look at the plan link below.  Once reviewed, you will be in a much better place to build your own version.

This is the inexpensive (cough: cheap) way to go.  The material is common lumber and does not require a lot of gluing and sanding (a little).  The real trick to making this look like a traditional butcher block is in the finish (stain).

cheap butcher block counter top how to

One note: Please be sure to use a “food safe” finish on your own butcher block.

Free Plan: Breakfast For Dinner: Counter Tops.






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