rain barrel plan single

Free Rain Barrel Plans

rain barrel plan single

Build your own rain barrel.

Admittedly, rain barrels have come down in price and have gotten much more attractive.  However, if you are like me, you might just want to build your own rain barrel. This barrel is built from a common “garbage can” that will cost you about $30.  You could probably go less expensive, but be sure that you select a strong design/material.

Rain barrels have come down to the point that you can purchase a stylish version at stores like Sam’s Club for about $70.  So, you really have to weight the idea of building your own, or buying an off the shelf version.

If you decide to build it on your own, check out the following plans.

Full Rain Barrel Plans IMG_0008.pdf – Google Drive.

It turns out that I shared a rain barrel plan a little while back (HERE).  I suppose you can never have too many plans to review before jumping into any project.  Good luck!






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