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Demo is Dirty!!

When people watch all of the home improvement shows on TV, they don’t get true sense of things. Thirty minutes later and the house/room is done. Clean, painted, decorated, etc.

The truth is that renovation is usually dirty, messy and SMELLY. Those are things that don’t come across when you watch it on TV. I thought that I would share a photo of a room 2 hours after demolition.

demolition picture

By WNY Handyman

WNY Handyman has been renovating property since the mid 1990's. We have done a number of renovation projects over the years and often share our experiences or renovation techniques. We have been in the business of flipping for fun and profit and provide advice based on our experiences.
Our site is geared toward the weekend warrior and the DIY'er. However, it is our experience that many "professional" contractors could use a little advice now and then.

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