Our blurb regarding foreclosures in NY that was published yesterday turned out to be rather popular.
If you are in New York, and looking for a foreclosure, you might want to look to a bank owned property (REO) rather than something from HUD. When buying from a bank, you will have the opportunity to make an offer and negotiate from that. HUD is an offer/acceptance. You won’t receive a counter offer form HUD.

There used to be a lot of bank sites that listed properties for sale. However, the banking industry has changed quite a bit. Collapse and consolidation due to the housing market has altered the sites showing available listings a bit. One of the sites that offers listings of REO properties (more than just 1 bank) is Ocwen financial.

Visit Ocwen Financial. THis is a direct link to the Ocwen NY listing page. You should be able to navigate the site beyond that to find properties in other states.

Good luck with your foreclosure search.