Update June 26, 2012: Our window seat wall unit project is complete and fully functional.  I wish the photo would have included the nice array of back pillows along the bench, but that will undoubtedly show up in a future post about the cottage project.

Window seat wall unit project

The following is a simple photo log of our window seat wall unit project. This was built off site prior to closing on our cottage. We were able to take accurate measurements of our window during our home inspection and took that opportunity to build our project off site (with fingers crossed that our measurements were accurate).

Window seat bookcase built off site

Window seat bookcase built off site

The window seat is essentially 4 major pieces.

  1. Bench seat with a hinged top for storage
  2. Left bookcase
  3. Right bookcase
  4. Upper shelf
Once we had these items built (without the face trim) we were able to bring them to the site once we closed and simply fit (they did fit well), attach to structure and trim the face to tie the 4 major items together.  Since the end units were floor to ceiling shelves, we had to be sure that we allowed room to tip the items upright.  We did so by leaving about 3″ off of the base, tipping the items up, and securing to our level base that was essentially a box made of 2″ x 4″s.  After they were in place we simply trimmed out the base to marry up to the existing baseboard.  This gave a nice, custom, built-in look.  As I often tell people, it is the attention to detail at the transition points from one piece to another, once surface to another, or one room to another that make the difference between a decent job and a quality job.
We’ll follow up when the window seat project is complete. The bench is getting a padded fabric seat and the entire unit will have a couple of coats of paint.
Our base

Our base / location

Our inspiration - Window Seat Bookcase

Our inspiration – Window Seat Bookcase


Our nearly finished project - Window Seat Bookcase

Our nearly finished project – Window Seat with Storage


Window seat wall unit

Window seat wall unit