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Why doesn’t Remember Me?

I know this is a small gripe, but I receive a weekly email from Home Depot when their local ad comes out. I am forced to enter my zip code each and every time. I know this sounds like a small, silly gripe, but I am a programmer and I understand how easy it is to ‘remember’ a user. Home Depot, won’t you please employ some programming to handle this.

Silly, I know, but they are stealing an extra 5 seconds from me each week (the time to mouse over to the flash form and enter my zip code). Let’s assume this goes to 100,000 people who all need to enter their zip code. Average entry of 6 seconds (I am giving myself credit for typing fast and counting mine as 5). If you count the productivity loss of the 100,000 users who had to enter their zip code, you are losing 166 man hours per week or 8,666 man hours per year.

Crazy, I know, but as a programmer, these are the little things that add up to make a difference. Come on fix this.

By WNY Handyman

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