Let’s not talk about the loss to the Cowboys last night. It was terrible.

Let’s look at the big picture of the franchise and assume that the Buffalo Bills are for sale right now. For anyone who caught the sideline interview with Thurman Thomas last night, you should think about the things he said. If nothing else, Thurman has a big heart and lacks a poker face. He discussed the organization, and he spoke about the fact that he is moving back into town, that Jim Kelly is living back in Buffalo and so is Steve Tasker. He was asked about the organization and replied as if Kelly and Thomas (and Tasker) were a part of things right now.

In my opinion, this means one of two things.

  1. They are simply part of the organization and administration. This group possesses knowledge of the game and brings back the winning attitude that every team needs.
  2. They are negotiating with Ralph Wilson to purchase the team. How often have you heard that Ralph Wilson and Thurman Thomas have a bond like father and son? “Well son, if you can raise the funds, you can purchase the team. In fact, I’ll give you first dibs.”

Call me crazy, but I see this as a real possibility.

Jim Kelly has some terrific connections and has always had business interests outside of the game (JKE, Network, Race Team, Etc). Thurman has the close connection with Ralph Wilson and a few bucks as well.

Owning an NFL franchise is not something that many have a chance at. Even big money folks will never be allowed to enter the club. Thurman and Kelly could hold the key. Even the franchise in the smallest market kicks off cash to the owner or ownership group. Don’t forget about the fact that the teams value increases each and every year (the big money part of the deal). Ralph paid about $25,000 for the franchise back in 1959. The team value is now estimated at $750,000,000. Not a bad return!

Look for future moves from this potential group.