Tim Russert

Perhaps this isn’t the forum where you would expect a tribute to be written about Tim Russert, but that is really the beauty of who he was. Tim Russert was the best at his job. He was thorough and had the personality that everyone wanted to be around and wanted to connect with.

As a Buffalonian, Tim made you feel like you still knew him and that he could give you access to the highest levels of the government. Personally, I felt that the Buffalo voice would always be heard in politics thanks to a guy like Tim.

I wanted to write this short note to simply state that a guy like Tim Russert made me want to be a better person. The real person behind the public persona that these public figures project doesn’t always ring true, but with Tim Russert, it appeared to be as close to the real deal as there is.

I wasn’t a regular viewer of meet the press, but whenever Tim was on the air on any other show that I happened by, I would pause and watch and usually be smiling during and after. His many appearances on the Tonight show were fantastic. He was also a great interview when he was out promoting his books. An appearance with Charlie Rose, Donny Deutsch, or Tom Brokaw was always great entertainment. Full of great stories, simple advice, and a lot of laughs.

We should all follow some of Tim Russert’s advice.

  • Work Hard
  • Laugh a lot
  • Keep your honor

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