Mini Blind Bargain

Here are a couple of quick bargain tips for rental property owners.  I hate spending too much money on items that will eventually be damaged by tenant use, so I have located inexpensive sources for replacement.  Here are a couple.

As a landlord, I find myself forced to replace items when tenants move out.  One of the more common items that sees damage are the blinds.  This isn’t an item that has to be provided by the landlord, but I like to in my units.  I often see people buying blinds at stores like Bargain Outlet, Lowe’s, or Home Depot.  If you want to cut your price in half, simply head to Big Lots.  That is right, Big Lots carries mini blinds in all sizes for $3.50 per (most sizes).  The larger sizes are $6.00.  This is hard to beat since the big box store, and even stores like Bargain Outlet, run around $8 to $12.

While we are pointing out simple ways for a landlord to save money.  Consider stores like Ollie’s when it comes to certain hardware items.  One particular item that I have found at Ollie’s are door stoppers. That is right, door stoppers. Believe me, when you need 12 door stoppers because your tenants 3 year old loves tearing them off you will hate paying $5.47 for 2 at Home Depot.  Why don’t you head over the Ollie’s.  They have the exact product (Stanley brand) as Home Depot @ 2 for $0.99.  That is a nice savings.  You are not going to get rich with savings like this, but you will feel better about spending that money and you can use the savings to spend a little more on other items in your unit. Or, buy yourself lunch. Either way, you win.






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