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Lowe’s 10% discount coupon

Lowe’s discount coupon. Save 10% at Lowe’s.

Hey, a 10% Lowe’s discount.

Ok, I have blasted Lowe’s in the past, but that had to do with a rebate that wasn’t processed efficiently. The Lowe’s website won me back with some great information and articles. In fact, “Lowe’s creative ideas” is a free publication with some great projects and tips. Obviously, they are trying to sell you product, but the shopping list feature within the projects makes the process of purchasing all of your materials in one fell swoop pretty easy.

Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine (off site link)

Here is where the discount comes from. When I subscribed to the free Lowe’s creative ideas magazine they asked if I would be moving soon. Well, I just purchased a property, so I answered that I would. After subscribing, they e-mailed me a 10% off coupon (same day). Pretty nice discount, especailly if you are working on a good size project.

Very nice Lowe’s.

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