I guess it is that time of year. Fall coupons!

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I would be that the cratering economy and locked consumer pocketbooks will bring many more discounts and coupons. Holy cow, are we in for a rough couple of years. Wait a minute, I sound like the doom and gloom media. There is no question, that our economy is facing a rough patch. These things happen. However, you need to sit back and ask yourself if your situation has changed. I am sure any equity based account you have is way down, but if your earnings are stable and your job is solid, then you are in the cat birds seat.

There is no better time to be a buyer!

Take advantage of all of the discounts and coupons to come. In fact, if you have ever considered getting into real estate by buying a rental property or an alternative investment, the next year will be the time for you. There will be fewer and fewer buyers who qualify to purchase property. There are more and more properties hitting the market. This thing is going to feed on itself for a while.

Become a buyer! Take advantage of this down market to improve your own position. You aren’t being a vulture, you are helping to right the ship.