Some people would refer to this as a bullnose. I am working through a tile countertop from the great how to article found here: granite tile countertop.

I am using the MK 370 tile saw (information regarding the MK370 at bottom of page). I made the jig found in the article and cut my bevels on the back side of the tile so that I can mitre the edge and create a nice detail. Things went very smoothly. I cut the tile and as long as I went at a steady pace, the cuts turned out very nice. There were some tiles that chipped out at the ends, but I think that is due to the nature of the granite that I am using. I am still able to use the chipped pieces on the back side of the countertop. The chipped edge will be covered by the backsplash.

I don’t think that I will be using the 1/8″ grout line in my layout. I am going to butt the tiles right up next to each other to give it more of a solid look. From just a few feet away, the countertop looks like it is a solid slab.

I’ll post updates as the project progresses.

Updated with photos:
Granite Bullnose Granite tile bull nose granite bull nose tile Granite bullnose tile corner