Dyson Root Vacuum Battery Life Stinks

I bought my wife a Dyson Root vacuum last year and the battery on this handheld doesn’t last at all.  Is everyone else having this problem?  I called the Dyson company and told them that the battery runs down after about 3-6 minutes and stops operating and that told me that was “normal”.  I was blown away.  I would expect a lot more from Dyson.

I am not going to go into a full review here, but I will say that we love the vacuum otherwise.  Powerful, compact, and incredibly easy to empty/clean.  This is everything you would want in a handheld vacuum… except for the short life of the battery.  We have a good amount of hardwood and it barely makes it around the perimeter and under the kitchen cabinets.

Is the battery life really that poor?

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Dyson Root Vacuum = short battery life
Dyson Root Vacuum = short battery life

Is there anything that can be done?  I haven’t looked into a replacement battery for the root yet, but I will have to.  We are 1 year in and the performance has gotten worse.  It hardly holds a charge for 30 seconds.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]





15 responses to “Dyson Root Vacuum Battery Life Stinks”

  1. Dyson Handheld Vac. I agree 100%. I’ve had Dyson Root for a little over one year. The battery life was barely 5 minutes when it was new. Now I’m lucky if it last 1 to 2 minutes. No pun intended – as a result of the crappy battery life, the Dyson Root Vacuum SUCKS!
    If I had known of this weak aspect of the Dyson Root, I WOULD HAVE NEVER PURCHASED IT.
    Unless Dyson can retro-fix this issue – AT NO CHARGE FOR CONSUMERS THAT ALREADY OWN THE ROOT – I will be left with no choice but to replace my handheld Vacuum with some other brand. Period. And I will NOT RECOMMEND THE DYSON ROOT TO ANYONE.

    J Evans
    Mesa, AZ

  2. The Dyson Root 6 DC16 handheld vac is a piece of junk! Do not buy it. The battery will last you less than a year!!! I tried to get my money back but they refused. They are a company of scammers.


  3. G L M

    I agree – DO NOT BUY THE DYSON HANDHELD VAC. The battery lasted about 7 months and is now completely dead.

  4. Enzo Bertorelli

    Totatlly agree. For a company that prides itself on engineering, Dyson has made a severe engineering error with this product and is, in my opinion, in a severely self destructive denial mode. I have owned it for 2 years and now the battery is down to 2 or 3 SECONDS. This product is a class action suit waiting to happen. They should at least offer spare batteries (hopefully improved) at cost or an adapter to fit into the battery receptacle to turn it to a corded model. I would even pay for this to be able to recoup usage for the unit. It, after all, not a cheap vacuum considering that it is a portable. I would not recommend this product.

  5. LLL

    Same problem here. Bought at a local Super Target and always, from day one, thought the battery was short on charge rentention. Soon after, the charge bars were only showing a capability of two green lights at a full charge and remains so today. Now, months later, it is so completely worthless. I have tried to contact Dyson, got an email response and phone number to contact that keeps calleron terminal hold. Not a good sign.
    ABOUT 65 BUCKS AT WALMART. Wish it had been on market when I bought the Dyson. Could have two or three of these for the same money!

  6. Chuck

    Dyson Root is a very cool looking expensive piece of junk. Very poor engineering. Battery lasted only a few months. Was replaced with one of equal quality. For the price, and the apparent pride in engineering, this is one product you would think they would be ashamed of and making things right with customers. But they are not. I’m not sure what their other products are like, but I feel like I got burned on this one. Burn me once, shame on you. Burn me twice, shame on me.

  7. Rick

    I agree with all the comments….the Dyson root is a terrible piece of junk….ran into battery problems within the first month…have had about 1 yr. and has to be recharged after 3-5 minutes. Today a fully charged unit stopped within the first 5 seconds, starting and restarting every 15 seconds thereafter for the usual 3-4 minute charge….I hate it…

    1. Administrator


      I saw an ad for the new Dyson Root last night and honestly expected to hear something about how sorry they are for the engineering of the original root.

  8. Kevin

    Yes Dyson supplied a JUNK battery with their
    hand held vac and they do not stand behind
    their products. Working time is less then
    10 mins and the battery dies in 6 months
    of light use.

    Crummy Co & expensive crummy product.

    1. Administrator


      I have to say that I agree completely about the handheld Dyson Vac (Root). However, their uprights are second to none (at that price point).


  9. Kay

    I bought a Dyson Root 2 years ago with the same experience. It held a charge for about 4 – 7 min and now it is down to 8 sec. The replacement battery costs $75.00 which seems quite steep. I like the vacuum but without a battery it is not a good deal. I can by the new Black and Decker for less than a new battery….oh well, learned a lesson about Dyson. They have not emailed me back either.

  10. Art Trenkle

    I was an early purchaser of the Dyson 16. The battery is a complete waste, and I feel totally ripped off by the Dyson company. I have a cheap BandD vac that is supposed to be a toy, but is superior to the Dyson.

    1. Administrator


      After owning a Dyson upright for years, I too was shocked at the poor quality of the Dyson Root vacuum. Very poor quality product for a company that seems to pride itself on engineering quality products.

  11. Mike Carr

    Agree with all AND when I did eventually get through to someone, an actual human at Dyson, they were incredibly rude and acted as if there was something wrong with ME because my one year old handheld would only run for 10 or 15 SECONDS. I own one of their upright too and as far as I am concerned, that is a POS as well. Let’s just say I ain’t about to run out and buy one of their $450.00 fans, come on, a four hundred and fifty dollar fan. Dyson can’t possibly have too many repeat customers.

  12. Gary

    Same issue with me. Is there a way to attach a power cord to it??

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