Drinking water and power for the world’s poor.

This post is a bit off topic, but if the people behind these ‘inventions’ can accomplish these goals, the world’s poor could have clean drinking water and electricity. The Segway creator’s next entrepreneurial spin – Feb. 16, 2006

The idea of a water filtration system is interesting. You have got to think that clean water would be a must for the third world countries. Much of the disease that they experience is borne from the water that they drink. Imagine if 25% of the illnesses that are experienced are wiped out because water filtration is possible.

Water and electricity to the third world could mean:


  • Well being of global population.
  • Reduced spread of disease and death.
  • Productivity in parts of the world where it hasn’t been possible.
  • Low cost labor force for the industrial nations (much like China and Taiwan today.)


  • Population explosion.
  • Exploitation of workers, including child labor.
  • The dreaded “unanticipated consequences’.

Keep in mind, there are always unintended consequences with dramatic change. Sometimes good, sometimes bad.






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