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Buy Used Office Furniture Direct from M&T

I have been searching for a credenza for my office on and off for about a month.  I wanted something that was a little larger (unlike the smallish ones from the office supply stores) and have been peeking at Craigslist now and then.  Turns out I came across the perfect credenza for my needs.  It is a quality unit with ample storage and the price was only $50!  $50!

When calling on it, I found that I was actually reaching M&T Bank’s corporate resale office.  They take in all of the furniture from their branches/offices, along with some businesses that their commercial lending unit forecloses on. In fact, they have a bunch of wedding dresses and cowboy boots available right now!  I’m serious.  Not the most romantic wedding story, but you could save hundreds of dollars on a new wedding dress.

Click on the logo to view the site.  It is a bit slow, but there is a lot to go through.  They are located near the airport in Genesee, so pick up is easy for most of us who are located in the Buffalo area.

M and T corporate reuse


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