Whether you are looking to organize your storage space, need a place to store wood for the winter, want to add a workbench to your shop or simply want to give an old garage and new look, remodeling your garage is a great summer or weekend project for any handyman. These 10 tips and tricks offer easy ways to make the most of your garage.

1. Organize Your Tools and Provide Easy Access with Pegboards

Pegboards are a great way to store and hang cords, power tools and other items. To help keep track of your items, consider tracing an outline of the tools on the pegboard using a permanent marker before hanging the board.

garage power tools pegboard

2. Improve Comfort through Increased Insulation

Many garages lack proper insulation. By adding insulation to the outside walls and installing a garage door insulation kit, you can help to reduce thermal leaks between the garage and home to save on your energy bills

3. Install a Shelving System

While individual shelves can work for storing items, a shelving system provides a cohesive look and greater flexibility. Using wall anchors and laminated boards allows you to accommodate a wide variety of items. However, you should always check weight capacities before storing items.

4. Install Floor Pads in High-Traffic Areas for Added Comfort and Safety

Padded flooring provides numerous benefits during extended periods of standing as well as increasing traction when spills occur. Most foam or rubber padding can be cut to size or purchased in interlocking panels to provide optimal coverage at an affordable price.

5. Finish Your Garage to Add Room to Your Home

If you do not store your vehicles in your garage, finishing your garage can add value to your home. Simply install basic wooden framework, fill with insulation and attach your drywall. You now have a spare room for the kids to enjoy, a place to entertain friends or a room for that new home theater system you have always wanted.

6. Theme Your Garage

If you have a favorite sports team, car manufacturer or hobby, vinyl wall art, banners and trim make it affordable to personalize your garage. Matching these items with a new coat of paint will tie the look together for your new man cave.

7. Improve Ventilation for Improved Heating and Cooling Bills

The garage is often not included in residential heating or air conditioning systems. Installing ventilation fans in the garage can provide air circulation while helping to regulate temperature and reduce humidity as well.

8. Install Light Sensors for Safety and Convenience

Motion sensors switches will automatically turn on the lights in your garage when movement is detected. This can make it easier and safer to move from the vehicle to the house while carrying objects or during the night.

9. Take Advantage of Overhead Space

Shelving systems designed for storing objects on the ceiling of the garage make it easy to take advantage of unused garage space. Always check for proper vehicle clearance before purchase and installation.

10. Relocate Your Laundry Room for Increased Indoor Storage

By moving your laundry equipment to the garage, you can reduce ambient heat and moisture within the home while reclaiming valuable storage space. Always ensure adequate ventilation of equipment in the garage to prevent damage and health risks.