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I like to include information regarding techniques or products when people contact me directly. I know that many of you will have the same questions and it is great to get the information out in a forum where everyone can benefit from it.

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Hi there. I was an article you wrote about RTA cabinets. I really like some that I see online. However, my husband is concerned about the quality of the cabinets. Who did you purchase your cabinets from? Are you still happy with them? Do you remember who you bought them from? I really like the cabinets from O’Neil cabinets. Please let me know.

Thank you for your assistance.

Amy P.


I have used RTACabinetStore.com and KitchenYourWay.com.

They both offer decent cabinets but there tends to be some inconsistency in the finish. It would certainly depend on your color scheme. With the darker cabinets they stand out a bit more than the lighter. In the overall scheme of a kitchen, with counter, appliances, sink, and decor, you hardly notice.

The shortcomings with the RTA cabinets tends to be with the side panels or end panels. There tends to be some warp to these sheets. You can deal with the warp if you have the opportunity to cleat to a wall, a floor, or create a face piece. I haven’t found that my end panels (especially refrigerator size) were usable out of the box.

I hope this helps. I would tend to lean toward www.rtacabinetstore.com. They are located in PA and offer very fair pricing. Any issues that I did have were addressed promptly.

I would encourage you to spend the money on a small cabinet that fits into your design plan. This will give you a sample cabinet that can be used in your plan. It should be inexpensive enough to use elsewhere should you decide against that company. You can never have enough cabinetry in a garage, laundry or basement!

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