Does Your Contractor Use a Quality Brand Tool? If not, RUN!

If your contractor comes into your job with some clunky and cheap tools, you need to do one of two things. Consider another contractor Check their prior work/reference carefully I kid you not.  If a contractor comes to your job sporting a $79 table saw and a $59 miter saw, you might have made a mistake [...]

Renovations That Yield the Best Return on Investment – Short Term

People who are selling their homes often ask me what improvements they should make before listing (selling) their home.  It always surprises me that Realtors aren't more forceful with their clients when it comes to a listing and the simple changes that would help it to sell quickly.  There are some common sense items that [...]

Is this Maintenance Worth it? You Decide.

Everyone seems to strive for low maintenance in a home nowadays. Well, it isn't always the best option. We had a sunroom project to work on at a cottage where we are replacing 9 storm windows that were caulked shut to keep out the water. A sunroom that doesn't have an operable window might as [...]