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Mold Removal Project – 2005

Mold Removal Project

Dealing with Mold in a basement? Take a look at this before and after.
This is from a project that we completed around 2005 but we hadn’t posted this directly on the WNY Handyman site.

We had some mold issues due to neglect, improper grade, tree and shrub growth, a block foundation, plugged gutters, and downspouts draining straight down at the foundation.

  1. Corrected water problem (outside grade, downspouts, gutters).
  2. Removed tree, overgrown shrubs, and trimmed growth back from house.
  3. Bleach and water treatment to remove the mold. More Information can be found at www.epa.gov.
  4. Patched failing mortar joints inside and out.
  5. Drylock walls after moisture subsides.

If you have your own mold issue, there is hope.

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