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Update 8/15/2011: The bunk beds are in.  I am really surprised at how much space a bunk bend affords you.  This was a rather tight room (we were calling it the “no-room-room”), but as you can see the bunk beds fit nicely and provide a nice amount of space for a dresser/desk.  The ceiling fan will be moving.

Bunk Beds with lights

Bunk Beds with lights

Bunk Beds

As we mentioned earlier, our next project is a Lake Erie Cottage.  We should be closing before the end of the month (July 2011) and have already been hard at work with some project planning for when we arrive.

Project 1: Bunk Beds
My son and any of his visiting friends will need a place to sleep.  The air mattress will get pretty old after the 2nd night.  I decided to build a simple set of bunk beds.  What kid wouldn’t want a set of bunk beds?  My goal was to find a set of plans online that were for a simple bed that feels right in the space.  I didn’t want anything that was too fussy (Bunk Bed Plans) or too large.  Price was a consideration as well.  A minimal amount of hardware such as rail brackets or ladder hangers would be a great way to save money on the project. If the ladder and rails are integrated into the design, there wouldn’t be a need for $50 in extra hardware.

Bunk Bed Project

I ended up selecting a plan from ana-white.com.  The plan is simple and has an integrated ladder.  This is built with common lumber and comes in at about $80-$100 in material (not including mattresses).  If you are going to build your own set from the Ana White plan, be sure to read the comments. The material list is not accurate.

This project is an easy one to build since it is essentially 4 wide ladders that are then bolted together. If you choose to take them down, simply remove the bolts and hide them away.

Update 8/01/2011: The bunk bed project is moving along. The structure has been built and painting is taking place. As you can see, the garage is a bit of a mess.

Bunk bed painting

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