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Granite tile countertop

Are you installing a granite tile countertop or considering this option? If so, you have probably come across many sites that are trying to sell you tile, or that are trying to get you to click on an ad for someone trying to sell you tile, but you might not have had much luck locating a thorough guide to installing a granite tile countertop. Well, you finally found the right place. I was in the same boat, trying to locate an article online that would walk me through each step and point out the things that I need to consider and/or look out for.

One of the main things that causes the do it yourselfer trouble is the edge detail. This article has a great option that gives you a very custom look.

As I started to write this article. I located the article from Family Handyman Magazine (October 2002). I was going to post the complete details since the back issue was not available for purchase. However, Family Handyman is owned by Reader’s Digest. The rd.com site has the article online. The funny thing is that it is very difficult to locate if you search through a search engine.

Here is the complete article about installing granite tile countertops. It is the best resource on the topic that I have found, and it is Free!

Granite Tile Countertop

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